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Become a Shell Lake Non-Profit Member in 2024 and make a positive impact on our local business climate and community. By joining as a non-profit organization, you'll receive a reduced membership fee, making it easier for you to support and contribute to our collective success. Membership also grants you access to discounted advertising opportunities, shared content, and a website listing, allowing you to reach a wider audience and network with other like-minded businesses. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to connect, collaborate, and grow with the Shell Lake Chamber of Commerce.

SLCOC Non-Profit Membership 2024

  • Thank you for becoming a member of the Shell Lake Chamber of Commerce!  Please complete the membership form and email to or mail to:

    Shell Lake Chamber of Commerce
    PO BOX 121
    Shell Lake, WI  54871

  • The following convenience fees are added to membership total in order to cover all credit card processing fees! Thank You!


    $50 Membership = $2 fee

    $75 Membership = $3 fee

    $150 Membership = $5 fee

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